Kain Campaign #1 - A Dark & Trashy Night!

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A dark and stormy night holds the village of Undercurrent in its shadowed embrace, and four travelers seek shelter in the Bearded Hawk Tavern.

Think you've heard this one before? Think again! Think once more! Yet another time!

That's probably enough. 

Anyway, these are not your average adventurers:

Lo'Kron - Hermit of the Snow Druid Circle: this clover-craving crackpot searches the snowy wastes for his three-leafed friends but finds daring-do instead!

Arkmenos - Those who meet him never truly know him. Primarily because this fast-talking charlatan isn't really sure who he is anymore; possessing enough multiple-personalities to be an army onto himself.

Dapperton von Scalyskin - Heir to a family fortune of blood and beatings, this barbarian still manages to maintain his foppish facade while battling, and never goes anywhere without his retinue (mostly because he'd murder them if they tried to leave).

Window - A humble trash pile caught in the middle of a wizardly duel, this rapscallion of refuse awoke to find itself fully sentient and was quick to make a pact with the Wind Spirit, giving mobility to its moldy mass. Now ready to take on the world, Window is learning the ups and downs of life amongst the living and making new friends along the way!

Together they are... well, a mess, honestly. But it's a jolly ride to death and destruction as these brave four seek the first thread of a continent spanning, salmon-soaked mystery in Episode 1 of The Kain Campaign!