Super Heroes #3 - Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Portal


Fellow criminal organization members! For too long, our kind has been brushed aside by society. They’re hatred of our flamboyant costumery and overly-intricate plans has made us the laughing stock of Minneapolis! But not for long! Soon, the entire world will remember this as the day the Steam Punks turned the Mill City Museum from a blasted-out remnant of an industrial disaster into a blasted-out remnant of our molten-iron ritual! No group of superheroes, no matter how unlikely and unconventional, will be able to stop us from completing the ceremony and raining down searing hot destruction upon our enemies!

On a completely unrelated note, do you guys hear someone singing Phantom of the Opera? Possibly while rollerblading toward our hideout at high speed? It’s probably fine. Back to the ritual!

This week, in the thrilling finale to this installment of the Bad & Breakfast story, our heroes find themselves facing down mechanical monstrosities, irish ninjas, and personal growth aplenty! Listen in to all the action in Episode Three of Superheroes!