Super Heroes #2 - The Punk Stops Here!

Citizens, beware! There is danger afoot! Once again, the criminal underbelly has spat out a grotesque gang of goons dressed to the nines. The nineteen hundreds, more specifically.

The Steam-Punks have taken it upon themselves to besiege Mama J’s B&B of Solitude in search of booty of both sorts, but what they find is a heaping helping of comeuppance!

Stay tuned for food puns and disgusting feats of what some might construe as heroism as our quartet of crime-fighters defend their hideout tooth, nail, and jolly rancher! But this quarrel is just the tip of the iceberg, and our heroes learn of a dastardly plot being hatched in the bowels of the Old Mill Museum. What is this terrifying scheme? Our gang of do-gooders has no idea, but they should probably stop it or whatever! Take in all the action in Episode 2 of Super Heroes!