Super Heroes #1 - Bad and Breakfast!


Up in the sky!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… A gang of ne’er-do-wells on segways?!

Yes, folks, the whole town’s gone to pot in Minneapolis, the gleaming jewel of the continental north. Fortunately for the nearly 400,000 midwestern souls, heroes have arisen to challenge the growing shadow of Evil.

Going up against the likes of the blood-thirsty baddy, Major Mosquito, the Frozen Four keep the streets clean of diabolical masterminds and psychotic villains alike. Great Lake Jake, Iron Range, Altostratus, and Frozen Scott Fitzgerald watch over the frosty peaks of the downtown skyscrapers, but our tale begins on a somewhat smaller scale...

On the opposite bank of the mighty Mississippi, a new crop of caped and uncaped crusaders are putting down roots in the vegetable garden of Justice! No purse-snatcher or flamboyantly-themed-costume-wearing street punk is safe from their slightly clammy grip.

Four names to soon be on the lips of every citizen: Patient Hero, Augustina, The Secret Secreeter, and Mama J!

Come join our unlikely heroes on their journey to become mildly-likely heroes, and find out what daring and disgusting feats await them in:


Bad & Breakfast