Serenity Campaign #3 - We Game To Misbehave!

Fortify the barricades! Seal the entrances! Enable the overly-complicated concentric circular turrets. Those fools are making their way toward our secret underground base as we speak, and I will not have them blasting their way in here like a bunch of goram renegades. I mean, c’mon! There’s a fat old one, a delusional wannabe robot, and a Memento guy! If we let them get in here we’ll look even worse than they do.

What’s that? My sensors are picking up something moving extremely fast in the nearby canyon. Something with a jet engine. And a badass looking coat…

It’s time for a show of hands as our heroes face off with the once-loved Sammy, the traitorous robot. Despite being somewhat of a non sequitur, Sammy’s betrayal has thrown our adventurers and their empty stomachs into a timeless expanse of hyperspace, and it's there they make their stand. Heartbreak, hopelessness, and high-speed explosions abound in the thrilling conclusion to our three-part space opera. Have the tissues on hand for Episode 3 of The Serenity Campaign!