Serenity Campaign #2 - Dine & Dash!

Oi, Stuart! Get off yer goram ass and grab those forceps. I expect my special amber eye back in my head or you’ll be eating yer meals out of a feh feh pi goh without a straw! First them boys rip out my eye, then they make off with my ship… Why'd they have to do that to my long johns, eh? Seems right disrespectful, it does. Makes me feel like doing something disrespectful to them, if you catch my meaning… BEN TIAN SHENG DE YI DUI ROU! Watch where yer sewing! That’s my gou cao de eye yer messin’ with! It’s out of warranty, so be careful! Right, now that I've used up all the chinese phrases I know, we can be off to reacquaint ourselves with those thievin' bastards, and it won't seem strange that I don't use any of said phrases in my normal speakin' patterns. 

This week our wayward warpers find themselves victims of an interrupted brunch, bitter heartbreak, and also some minor lacerations. There’s no time for romance as the alliance closes in on our heroes, but salvation comes in the form of an extremely irish plot device with a terrible secret. Well, actually it’s Lenny’s terrible secret, but he couldn’t remember it, so his irish friend held onto it for him. Listen in as we serve up a heaping helping of hollandaise-topped action with an ice-cold glass of intrigue in Episode Two of the Serenity Campaign!