Sea King Campaign #1 - Port Authorities!

Hear ye, hear ye! This session of the chamber of commerce of the town of Reef is now in session! This week we will be discussing the hot button issue that’s on everyone’s minds: the proposed ordinance banning the use of ships as stakes in games of chance.

ORDER! Order, everyone! Please keep calm, or the bailiff will have you removed! Now, as I was saying, after last week’s heated debate over the 2% increase in taxation on imported brass gauntlets, new rules of order have been implemented to keep our discussion civilized and brief. We don’t want a repeat of the infamous 72-hour filibuster on the Cleaning Up After Your Imp bill…

This week Patrick leads Alex, David, and Steven through the intricacies of a port town economy before sending them on a perfectly safe sea voyage as pirate bait. When their mission goes awry, an overly imaginative wizard, a questionably-good warlock, and an existential robotic warrior find themselves in the middle of a painstakingly described mutiny. But what lurks beneath the waves may prove even more deadly.