Ballad of the Norc Orcs Ep.3 - Dam Vampire Ire!

Orok, yur wurryin’ fur no reason. Ya didn’t hear nuthin’! I’ve been guard on Wurmtvaal’s dam fur almost four springs now, and one night is the same as every othur night. We walk along the top of the dam, checking fur cracks in the skin uf the wurm, and then we walk back. It’s no glamorous life, but it keeps a tent over ma’ family’s heads. Ya think Uunda would ever forgive me if’n I gut fired fur raisin’ a false alarm just because ya thought ya hurd something climbing through the sludge ducts into the dam? She’d have ma wurm off, if ya catch ma meanin’. Now quit yur whinin’ and bend over…

To look fur cracks, ya gross idiot! What did ya think I meant?!

This week brings us to the end of the Norc Orc saga, and with it, we find our heroes at war amongst themselves. Bork finally gets a chance to live his dreams of vampirism, but when his idols ask him to commit some mid-to-heavy vandalism, will he follow in their high heeled bootsteps, or will he follow his siblings along the just path. Maybe a little of both? Find out in Episode 3 of the Ballad of the Norc Orcs!