Ballad of the Norc Orcs Ep.1 - Sibling Rivalry

Now where in the plains of hell did I put that lizard?! I swear, I’d lose my own head if it wasn’t so ornately decorated with feathers and bones. The first destiny-foretelling ceremony in 26 years, and I have to go and misplace the holy relic three hours before the rains are supposed to begin… By the boar’s three tusks, I swear I’m not going to look like some sort of forgetful Flark in front of the whole village. Maybe I’ll just use one of these less ordained lizards. There, if I stick a few feathers and shiny rocks on it, it looks as holy as any other lizard. Perfect! Time to make a young orc’s dreams come true and crush the dreams of his/her two siblings!

This week, Laura, Sean, and Patrick pit wits against each other in a story taking place in parallel with The Kain Campaign. They assay the roles of triplets from the Norc orc clan on the eve of Spring Song: the ceremony that will determine which of them is the foretold chosen one. Will they be able to put aside their sibling quarrels for the good of the tribe? And will everything go as planned with a smooth resolution to this prickly familial situation? The short answer is no! Listen in to all the name calling and abandonment issues in Episode 1 of The Norc Orc Campaign!