Kain Campaign #9 - Family Matters!


Kids, stop fighting! No you cannot have another psionic warhammer! You haven’t even used the shapeshifting amulet that your father made you for your birthday. Do you think highly advanced psionic technology grows on trees? Your father slaved for hours over his forge to make these presents for you. We may be separated, but that doesn’t mean that you can play one of us against the other. I used to be your age, and I know every trick in the book. Psionically projecting an illusory version of yourself in bed while you sneak out to party, using pyrokinesis to make it seem like you have a fever, breaking into a goblin-dragon’s secret lair using a glowing pendant as a jerry-rigged teleporter… I know them all!

This week our adventurers continue their dungeon crawl through Gary the Good Goblin’s mountain lair while enlisting the help of Moko the blacksmith/Dap’s stand-in father figure. But how will Dap fair when Moko's real son joins the fray? Not well! The family drama heats up in Episode 9 of The Kain Campaign!