Kain Campaign #8 - Infiltr-8-tion!

And what does Gary the Good Goblin always say? Wait… ummmm… I had it. I just was… I swear, it was on the tip of my tongue. Oh gods! We’ll never get into the hideout if we can’t remember the secret password. Gunk will have our hides for this. And our organs too, yes, thank you for reminding me, Giln.

You know you’re partially to blame for this too. If we hadn’t snuck away from the teambuilding retreat, we wouldn’t be in this situation. I hate trust falls as much as the next goblin, but at least there were snacks. This day long trek through the icy wilderness wasn’t exactly a walk in the park -- whatever a park is. But you know, it all would have been alright, if you would have remembered the blasted secret password to get into our blasted secret mountain lair!

Sorry I snapped, Giln… It’s not you. Grabnet and I have been on the rocks lately, and little Grinit didn’t make it past her first week in Gary’s Trap-Training Goblin School. But it’s unfair of me to take it out on you. Oh look, there’s someone coming over the horizon there. I bet it’s our goblin compatriots and not a band of adventurers bent on destroying everything that we goblins know and love. Ho, there, friend-ACK! My larynx!

This week, our adventurers infiltrate Gary the Good Goblin’s not-so-secret lair on their mission to rescue the remaining members of Maart's family and solve the mystery of the missing spark salmon. Join them for lots of spider-filled action and pants-soiling fun on Episode 8 of The Kain Campaign!