Kain Campaign #7 - Taking Pun For The Team!


Welcome! Welcome, my new friends! You in the back, please remember to grab a name tag. Alright, let’s all settle in!

Many of you may be thinking, why am I here? Who are all these goblins? Why do I feel so depressed about my current lot in life? Well, these are all questions that I will help you to answer today!

I used to be just like you: nervous, lacking confidence, easily manipulated by others for their personal gain, stupid, dim-witted, not very bright, and above all dumb. But I’ve found a way to change all that! Through the power of self-esteem! With a few simple motivational techniques, I can teach you how to be the very best you that you can be! And the best part is, only about 25% of you will die in the process!

This week, our adventurers find themselves smack dab in the middle of a goblin team-building retreat in the hopes of infiltrating the goblin horde and rescuing Maart’s marketing-minded mother. Let’s hope that Dap doesn’t say or do anything stupid that might ruin the subtlety of the infiltration… Spoiler alert: he does! Listen in and find out what it’s like to be a goblin in Episode 7 of The Kain Campaign!