Kain Campaign #5 - Five For Fighting!


Avast, Mateys!

Dun’t ferrget, yer aboard my ship, and on me ship, me word is law! So dun’t go gettin’ no ideas about stealin' away me captain-hood. Or me four-cornered hat neither! And dun’t ye dare comment on me somewhat sporadic use of sailor colloquialisms! If ye be implying that I’m simply an average chap attemptin’ te maintain a certain facade in the context of a humorous textual blog entry… Then… Walk the plank! and so forth!

And ye definitely dun’t want to think about challenging me to a duel fer control o’ me ship. If ye do, ye’ll be sorry! Because me ability scores are higher than a crow’s nest! See?! That was another fine example of sailor-esque jargon!

This week our adventurers find themselves arbitrarily pitted against the four-corned captain of… some ship that doesn't have a name. It’s almost as if fate had not intended for there to be a combat session aboard this ship. But when has fate ever been able to predict the behavior of blood-thirsty Arkmenos and his swashbuckling, flower-eating companions? Listen in for some action-packed adventuring and slightly-plot-furthering investigations in Episode 5 of the Kain Campaign!