Kain Campaign #41 - ReMoving Mountains!

This week, the RPGentlemen are up against the sinister forces of technology as they discover their lovingly edited Episode 41 has been devoured by the dastardly demons of discarded data! Unfortunately that means that the episode in which Simon finally got the chance to claim vengeance upon Mountain Aem and his group of Terra-rists has been lost forever...

So instead we bring you a dramatic re-enactment of that combat as well as some very profound thoughts on bear suits.

And in addition, as an offering to the gods of hard-drive corruption, we give as sacrifice what would have been Episode 42. So listen in as the Prom Boyz leave Port Artisana and make for greener pastures. Or should I say greener, dinosaur-filled caverns... All this and more in Episode 41 of The Kain Campaign!