Kain Campaign #4 - Home Four Sale!


Beautiful cabin compound nestled among magically-sustained forest!

Do you miss the mild woodlands of your elven home? Do you oversleep for lack of tittering birds outside your window? Is your garden a dreary shade of white and somewhat more frozen than you would prefer? Then this one-bedroom forest compound  is the place for you!

Plucked straight from the balmy forests of Fylara, this cozy gem of a home has all the amenities any wizard could want:

  • Alchemical lab complete with reagent storage facilities

  • Magical workshop with enchanted door-lock

  • Combination greenhouse and aviary

  • Natural stone fireplace fully furnished with eternal-flame charm

  • Bowling alley with built-in snack machine!

Looking for a place to settle down after years of adventuring? Look no further! After being cared for by a very capable wizard for many years, she is now looking to sell her forest home as well as the forest she created! The compound comes replete with the finest snowmen-home-security system magic can animate!

Schedule a tour today or stop by unannounced and rob/partially incinerate the place in your search for dragon-related information! For more details check out Episode 4 of The Kain Campaign!