Kain Campaign #39 - Fo' Chisel!

Alright, you ingrates! You’re under my boot now. I’m the Stone here, and if you don’t like that, I’ll grind you into silt. Somehow you’ve found yourself in the most elite section of our organization, but don’t think that makes you special. You’re nothing until you’ve proven your worth on the chisel-field. And until a time when you’ve hewn a perfect block from the bosom of this mountain, you might as well be a tiny, sexy hermit crab for all I care. Now let’s get chiseling!

This week our heroes infiltrate the most top-secret sect of the Terra organization. The Chiselers! After showcasing their (lack of) chiseling prowess for all to see, the Boyz set out on their true mission: finding the truth of Simon’s brother. It’s all in the family this week on Episode 39 of The Kain Campaign!