Kain Campaign #38 - Season's Beatings!

‘Twas the eve before Twin Knights, and all through Gorgorath
Not a dino was stirring, Nor Simple Boy, nor his trash
The kerchiefs were tied to their dinosaur necks
With hopes of advantage on all Charisma checks
The janitors were roused, their faces grown red
As visions of social change, danced in their heads
And Bearleg had his bear leg, and Window had its trash
We knew it was time to make a political splash
When out in the square, there arose such a noise,
We sprang into action, with our Simple Garbage Boys
Out into the streets, we flew like a flash
Careening through crowds, and blowing up trash
The bubbles and burbles of the shit-pits below
Gave the tumultuous scene a calming, orange glow
When what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature bird -- his bodyguards kept near
With a flick of his wand, he produced a grand tree
And I knew in that moment he must be Magistrate Nee
More tight than a drum, his guards covered their asses
And with a booming bird voice, he spoke to placate the masses
“Now Dinos, and janitors, and orphans, and others,
Take this tree as a gift from your humble bird brothers.
From the shit pits below, to highest bird lairs,
This annual festive gesture shows you we care”
As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
A dino named Rodam, took a stand and he cried,
“We’re sick of living here down in this mess,
While you bird brains look down from your ivory nests!”
“We’re fed up with these ludicrous size-based castes.
You better make way for change, because it’s coming on fast.”
A dino chorus of voices joined in from below,
Booming louder than all, echoed “YES! I’M WINDOW!”
It was dressed all in bags, and a stunning tricorn hat
Blowing trash all around, its bags stuffed quite fat.
Standing proud on the brim was a small young child
And with a word, he sent the trash into a frenzy quite wild!
Its bags how they rustled, Its bean cans blew free,
Its hat raised up, and from underneath swarmed BEES!
With a nod, the guards fled along with Magistrate Nee,
But then came from the wind a warning, “NO FLEE!”
With a tip of its cap, the trashbags they rose,
And a beam of wind energy, shrunk unsuspecting dinos
Flying high through the cave, away from shit pits so smelly
The birds looked down on their pursuers, and you could tell they were totes jelly
As the party ascended, flying like a missile
The dinos gave a cry, and the trash gave a whistle
But I heard them shout clearly, as they flew past the trees,
“Happy Twin Knights to all!” and to all, “I KNOW BEES!”