Kain Campaign #37 - Go Go Gorgorath!

Magistrate Nee, you may want to see this. This scrying mirror that we normally use to look at our cute little bird faces is showing us something interesting.

It appears that a group of dinosaurs and a pile of foreign trash has infiltrated the city and is attempting to rally the dinos. Obviously, the oppressed lower class won’t be able to organize easily thanks to the centuries of systematic and internalized subjugation, but if this is a particularly charismatic pile of trash, we may have something to worry about.

Yes, you’re right, sir. At least the group’s not being led by an incredibly tiny individual…

This week the Dino Crew comes home to their dark Underdark home city of Gorgorath. Simple Garbage Boy and Window are in for some surprises as they walk the waste-strewn slums and meet the dino populace, whose oppression they’ve come to end. But how will they rouse this rabble of raptors when they don’t even know the local customs. Maybe the rest of the dino crew can help for a change.

Back in time, the Prom Boyz get a holy visitor when Kurz explains his rules for safe time-travelling. Can the Boyz prevent paradoxes and take down Terra? Find out in Episode 37 of The Kain Campaign!