Kain Campaign #36 - Heart Attackers!

Main Magma Well Log: 34th Day of Beckruary

The well began steaming this morning. Cause unclear. May be some stray water got into the lava pool run-off, though it hasn’t rained in several days; heat from the well keeps the surrouding air temperature far above the dew point, preventing any precipitation. Testing the pool’s composition to determine exact percentage of moisture. Probably no reason for alarm. The ground is frozen this far beneath the crust, but as long as the earth to ice ratio stays high, there won’t be any explosive expansion of steam from melting ice…

Do you feel that rumbling?

This week our heroes’ interrogation of Liiara, the lying eladrin, is interrupted by the boom of a bursting bubble. Yes, it’s time for another LotR reference when the Terra Pirates delve too deep and too greedily, unleashing a familiar frozen foe. The gang teams up with indigo-eyed interloper to “save” the day once again. Plus Simple Garbage Boy messes with some cosmic interdimensional forces that he doesn’t fully understand. It’s about time in Episode 36 of The Kain Campaign!