Kain Campaign #33 - Flutterby Brooding

Booty Diary Entry #1:
Hello, Diary. I was just born. How are you?

This life is strange. One minute, I was just a vessel of pure psionic thought channeling and refracting arcane light, and then all of a sudden I’m some sort of snake reincarnation of the Fire Spirit with a talking butt. No matter what my brother says, I’m still convinced he’s my butt. I mean, have you ever heard of a butt becoming a head? It makes way more sense that a head would become a butt… I’ll keep you posted, Diary.   

This week our heroes get serious with the Eladrin diver, Liara, and attempt to get to the bottom of just what she was getting at the bottom of the ocean. Through some impressive, but at-this-point-expected BSing, Hoody manages to harpoon her majestic and innocent butterfly, preventing her escape and bringing her back into the party’s custody. Half a world and a timeline away, Dap and Barnabus are making waves at Psionic High School with his first meeting of the Kain Empire school board. Find out what’s on the agenda in Episode 33 of The Kain Campaign!