Kain Campaign #32 - Corg-Bees!

Alright, dino compatriots, no sudden movements. I’ve heard that these adorable, deadly beasts can only see you if you move. They’re kind of like your T-Rex cousin, Bearleg.

Say, Small Garbage Lad, what did you say was so special about that tricorn hat? Those cuddly, giant dire corgis seem to have taken a real shine to it. I’m inclined to just let them have it in hopes they’ll run off on their precious, stumpy legs of theirs.

What’s that you say? The hat belongs to your best friend and guardian, Blind-Oh? Oh, Window. I apologize, though I am a bit confused why you’d insult your best friend by referring to them as a “pile of trash”. You’re quite the mysterious character, Tiny Refuse Child. Maybe you can work some of that mysterious charm to win the affection of these darling, gigantic cuties…

This week the Prom Boyz continue their interrogation and digestion of the mysterious diver responsible for sinking the Terra Cultists’ ship. Will this partially dissolved pirate be able to help the party get back to their original timeline and their loving and/or simple Garbage Boys?

Back in the Future, SGB and his new dino-friends find themselves at odds with an absurdly cute pack of dire corgis bent on hat-acquisition. Can SGB save the only tie to Window he has left? Listen in and find out in Episode 32 of The Kain Campaign!