Kain Campaign #29 - Dappy Trails!

Barnabus Medical Journal entry #2701:

8th of Biztober

Heart Rate: Flat-lined

Cloaca: Just flat

The lord, er, my ignoramus of a grandson has once again found himself on the receiving end of a self-inflicted beating. At least this time there was less placenta around, but no less internal bleeding and gushing. It’s a good thing I’m here to treat his wounds -- that Lo’Kron fellow seems to have finally overdosed. I fear that Dap’s new pancake body may be here for a while. He wouldn’t even be able to use a wheel-drake, let alone walk, so it falls to me once again to carry my grandson like the baby he is. Though his soft scales do fit my style, and I think he’s fat enough to cover me like a large, flatulent poncho. Will report more in my next entry.

And we’re back! Yes, this week we return full force to our beloved Prom Boyz fresh off their victory over the psionic virus of Bonobo. Like so many battered and beaten heroes, Lo’Kron’s found himself religion, praying to the benevolent Kurz as he goes through what I can only assume is the most painful detox session ever.
Window and Simon have the Wind Spirit on the brain as they plan out their next adventure, and what to do about the newly sentient fire-cobra, Hoody. Tune in and find out what’s in store for our heroes this season on Episode 29 of The Kain Campaign!