Kain Campaign #28 - Divine In-Tree-Vention!


Say, Curtis, you see something up thur at the top o’ yonder Whistlin’ Maple? It’s hard to make out, but it looks like maybe Bonobo’s gone and found a cloister of exclusive followers to help perform that ritual Arkmoto was blabbering on about earlier. Oh, to be a friend o’ Bonobo. Living the privileged life… What’s that, Curt? You know, I think yer right. That does look like some sort of kerfuffle is occurring atop that majestic tree o’ ours. And now that ye mention it, there does appear to be some sort of green, dragon-looking feller plummeting toward the ground at presumably terminal velocity. Tho’ I dun’t claim to be no physicist. I’ll leave that determination up ta the powers that be….

Yes this week our heroes find themselves atop the mighty central tree, face to face with the eponymous Bonobo! Well, face to faces of those that Bonobo has psychically infected. With Lo’Kron’s luck about to run out, and Dap’s “beloved” “brother” caught in the middle of this showdown, the party must band together like never before if they want to get out alive. Listen in to the Season 2 Finale in Episode 28 of The Kain Campaign!