Kain Campaign #26 - Epic Litter-ature!

Alright, first pick up of the day is The Surly Burly Man.

Gods, that place is filthy. And I don’t mean that as any sort of judgement or characterization of the sexual orientation of the patrons of that particular establishment. I’m simply saying that they don’t seem to hold themselves to the same hygienic standards as the rest of us followers of Bonobo.

Though they may yet have Bonobo’s wisdom smile upon them. My listless brother-in-law, Mykkal used to frequent The SB Man. He was in his cups more often than not, and my wife was distraught that she could have a brother so antithetical to the spirit of Bonobo. But damn if it wasn’t just last week that Mykkal came over in a spotless suit of clothes, preaching the word of Bonobo, and singing songs of the great works which he would accomplish in Bonobo’s name. I suppose it’s really a testament to Bonobo’s amazing leadership abilities.

You know, I may just be a lowly trash collector, but today I’m singing the gospel of Bonobo to everyone I meet. Starting with this alley-vagrant and his tricorn hat-wearing trash pile here...

This week our heroes learn about this Bonobo character everyone’s been harping on about. Turns out it’s more than just the name of the town... But mystery and conspiracy couldn’t be farther from Window’s mind, as it comes to terms with its recent homicidal actions. Can Window turn itself down the path of righteousness and pacifism? Not if Simon has anything to say about it! Listen in to the surprisingly legitimate character development in Episode 26 of The Kain Campaign!