Kain Campaign #25 - Stabbin' In The Woods

Dear Diary,

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be one of them. Not some podunk barkeep like my momma and her daddy before her. It’s not what I’d call the grandiose life, and I can’t help but feel downtrod seeing all those white-robed folks parading around town lately. I mean, I know Bonobo’s great and all, but I sure as shoot don’t know what hiddly piddly they’re getting up to in that tree. Seems to me they’re putting on airs that their asses can’t cash, but damned if it don’t seem like the good life. Well, I guess I’ll just get back to spiking the ale with coal dust. Gives it that extra carbony flavor. Hopefully some high-class adventurers will come through town soon and give me a new lease on this small-town life...

This week our adventurers find themselves received as welcome guests and not imprisoned fugitives for a change. Yes, the Town of Bonobo welcomes all kinds, provided you are willing to work for your stay. So things may prove a bit hairy for our lackadaisical adventurers, especially after they hear what’s been going on around town. All this and a tavern called The Surly Burly Man in Episode 25 of The Kain Campaign!