Kain Campaign #24 - Storm of the Eye

Barnabus Medical Journal entry #2694:

32nd of Arthember

Blood Pressure: More elevated than usual

Cloaca: More elevated than usual (by my direction)

The lord has received many contusions and lacerations throughout his short sixteen years on this planet, though I fear we may have reached the point of no return with this latest bout of… “cramping.” The lord exhibits symptoms typical of the birthing process, but by the fangs in my maw, I cannot figure out from whence this “child” arrived. Not to say that the lord is unpopular, but the odds of him copulating with another living being are only slightly better than the odds of him successfully murdering his father. Which is to say, zilch. Perhaps it was from that strange relationship he had with that fire-halfing. They did engage in an awful lot of dexterity contests…

Yes, our heroes find themselves out of their comfort zones this week. Simon continues his beef with the artist formerly known as Stormsbane, while Dap deals with the miracle of birth. And throughout it all Lo’Kron mourns the loss of his sweet sweet grip tape. All this and bees on Episode 24 of The Kain Campaign!