Kain Campaign #23 - Elementally Schooled!

Ladies and gentlemen! This Sunday Sunday Sunday! Get ready for an arena packed full of Action Action Action! Four fugitives face all that the elements have to throw at them to prove their ability to handle all that the elements have to throw at them! This Sunday Sunday Sunday! A face off unlike any you’ve ever seen in the Thunder Dome! Now with actual Thunder! In an actual Dome! Get ready for your heart to jump up out of your chest and steal your wallet to go buy more beer because you’re gonna need it! This Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Yes, this Sunday our adventurers face their greatest test yet: A test! The Council of Elements has seen fit to judge our heroes on their ability to work as a team in harmony with the world around them. The same basic test that any cadet of the Elemental Garrison must pass. So easy a child could do it. You see where I’m going with this… Tune in to find out all the new ways the party signs their own death warrants in Episode 23 of The Kain Campaign!