Kain Campaign #22 - Twelve Angry Birds

Now gentlemen, I truly must object; we’re all reasonable beings here! I may just be a simple Kain tree-lawyer, but I’ll be disbarred before I see those young (and old) misguided boys thrown unduly to the wind without a fair shake at a trial! Yes, they may have unleashed the true heat of the Flame Spirit upon the land, but I can say without a reasonable doubt that I would not be here talking to you today, man to animated-tree, if it weren’t for those boys and The Growth that they seeded. And so, Mr. Dakon Stormsbane, leader of the Elemental Garrison, sir, if you’ll please excuse me, before I defend these boys in court I must procure a leaf-suit and bowtie befitting a tree of the law. Good day.

This week the party finds themselves on trial before a jury of their peers. Well, a jury of their betters. Yes, the Elemental Council has a few questions for our heroes, but legal proceedings and verbal trickery aren’t all that awaits them. New allies and old adversaries crawl out of the woodwork (some more literally than others). Will our beloved adventurers be judged innocent or sentenced to a life of being executed? Find out on Episode 22 of The Kain Campaign!