Kain Campaign #21 - Jail Wait!

Can you believe zis, Ren? Zis gods-forsaken pile of trash iz full of bees! When zey told us to search it for weapons, I thought it was just Stormsbane being an ass as usual. I know you think he’s so respectable and just, Ren, but he’s just another pig-headed boss who doesn’t see farther than the end of his own sword. Who arrests a garbage heap? Does he think it had something to do with releasing ze fire spirit? Even if zese bags did have something to do with Ze Growth, what possible punishment could we sentence zis trash to? Twenty years in solitary can-finement?

This week our adventurers find themselves stuck between a cloud and hard place. In a twist of fate, they’re finally being held responsible for their actions - a new experience for Dap for certain. After unleashing the true force of the Fire Spirit upon the land, the Elemental Garrison had a few choice words for them. Namely “under” and “arrest.” The gang has the right to remain silent, but they waive the hell out of that right in Episode 21 of The Kain Campaign!