Kain Campaign #2 - Near Death XP


What’s that noise?! A whisper on the wind? Perhaps some ghostly presence providing an early warning of impending perils? Maybe even a plot hook carefully crafted and placed into the narrative by the DM?

Who cares! Let’s go dungeon crawling!

Episode 2 of our frigid fable known as the Kain Campaign begins with a whisper and ends with a roar. It’s kind of like March, if the blustery month also tried to crush your squishy body under collapsing cave ceilings.

Suffice to say that this episode contains a handsome serving of humble pie for our adventurers. Let’s face it; Lo’Kron, Arkmenos, Dapperton, and Window are all pretty full of themselves. But after several hidden traps, short sword slashes, and fish-based blasting caps, they instead find themselves full of holes where blood used to be.

David the DM even experiences a brief moment of pity for our plucky quartet before regaining his senses and plunging the party further down the completely metaphorical flaming-staircase of adventure.

So grab your half-eaten jerky, set your tricorn hat ablaze, and jump trashbag first into Episode 2 of the Kain Campaign!