Kain Campaign #19 - Dakon Care of Business!

HQ to Stormsbane. Come in, Stormsbane. What’s your status? … …. I don’t know, Gareth. He’s been down there a while. I know he’s the leader, but it seems awfully dangerous leaving behind all his backup, shaking hands with an iceberg he’s never even met before, and getting sucked into some sort of ice dungeon. Sure he’s super strong and well stocked on the potion front, but what if he meets a horde of angry spiders? Or an unethical sauna salesmen? Or worse… a group of wannabe heroes?

This week our wannabe heroes find themselves rudely awakened by none other than Dakon Stormsbane, Leader of the Elemental Garrison. And what does the party do to people who try to save their lives? The same thing they do to everybody! Try to kill them. To be fair, there was some polite ordering around on Dakon’s part, which is pretty rude and violence-worthy if you think about it. Oh and Wick has a revelation, but nobody really cares about that. All this and more in Episode 19 of The Kain Campaign!