Kain Campaign #18 - Ice Dream Sunday!

Imagine if you will, a room filled with trash. Maybe it’s leftover newspapers, or perhaps tin cans filled with honey. It seems to be less of a room and more of a mountainous void. There’s a light up around the bend. Or maybe it’s directly in front of you. A boy is hunched over a garbage fire. He appears quite simple. But he is the sole inhabitant of… The Window Zone!

This week our adventurers journey inwards as they find themselves beguiled by a frozen sorcerer and her introspective-brand of magic. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more self-centered, the party finds themselves face to face with their own subconscious. What truths will they uncover in these revealing dreamscapes? I’ll give you a hint: Lo’Kron’s dream is about clovers. Tune in for even more exciting personal discoveries in Episode 18 of The Kain Campaign!