Kain Campaign #17 - I Am The Lorax, I Speak For The Trees!

I am the Lorax! I speak for the trees!

For beasts large and small: From dragons to fleas

Jungle cats, vultures, boa constrictors, and bees

I speak for them all, and they’re extremely displeased!


With your icy misdoings, and evil collusion  

You’ve ruined our forest with your frosty intrusion

We don’t buy for a sec, your “preserver” illusion

We’ll bring your cold ass to a fiery conclusion

This week our adventurers continue their delve into the depths of the fire spirit’s giant skeleton. Do fire giants really have skeletons? In my world they do, so shut up! After their first encounter with a Tundra cultist, they’ve learned their lesson and have their guards up. Just kidding, they keep getting tricked. It’s sort of their shtick! Tune in for all the poorly planned pretense in Episode 17 of The Kain Campaign!