Kain Campaign #16 - Growing Cold Together!

Dear Diary,

It’s been seven-thousand, three-hundred, and sixty eight days since I started my gig as a guardian serving the Ice Spirit. And to tell you the truth, Diary, today I am not digging it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still as tight as ever with the Ice Spirit (Ice Spirit 4eva, yo), and I totally get that my job’s important. But some days I do feel a little unappreciated. How are you supposed to have any amount of self esteem if there’s nobody around to tell you you’re doing a good job or that your hair looks really nice today. I just really wish that I had some friends to chill with. I’d preserve them in ice for the rest of eternity, and we could have all sorts of cryogenic fun together. But what are the odds that a group of adventurers would ever make it this far into the depths of the sleeping fire giant...

This week our heroes travel downwards through the Giant’s Hand and into the Giant’s Forearm and Giant’s Elbow. Their anatomy lesson is interrupted, though, by ravenous monsters and deception most foul. Will our heroes be able to see through the smoke and mirrors and discern the truth? Certainly not! Have you met them?! Listen in to all the misguided trust and rash decision making in Episode 16 of The Kain Campaign!