Kain Campaign #15 - Cabin Fever!

Ah, brother, I tell ya it sure is nice to unwind after a hard day of owning slaves and just being a generally malevolent bastard. You know what I love most about it? The fact that all those poor souls living the hard life are down there, and the two of us are safely all the way up here in our awesome winged cabin doing Johnny Angel’s bidding. It’s not every croney that gets such luxurious working and living conditions. Sure, it’s a pain in the ass to get up here, what with the perilous rope climbing. And I suppose it would be a rather enticing prize for some treasure-minded adventurers considering the sacks of gold and magical relics we’ve got stashed up here. It’s a good thing Johnny Angel is alive and well keeping us safe. Let’s make a toast to him, eh? To Johnny Ang--*gasp*

This week we rejoin our three heroes as they watch Ark and Braek’s silhouettes fade into the sunset. And then they remember that Ark took all the gold with him! But as so many daytime TV commercials will tell you, it is possible to get rich quick, if you’re willing to take a few risks. In this case, raiding the flying cabin of the top-slavers. Inside our heroes will find action, riches, and maybe even a new friend?!?!?!?!!?! Find out in Episode 15 of the Kain Campaign!