Kain Campaign #14 - Heart Braek-ers!

You know your screams are pointless at the top of this mountain. No one will hear them, and even if those peasants down there did hear, why would they help you? They know that I am the law here. I am the name on everybody’s lips. I am the prince they all adore.

You. You’re not even good looking. I don’t understand what that horned idiot sees in you, but you’re going to be my ticket to cutting his part once and for all. When I’m through with him, no one in all the Nine Hells will know the name Arkmenos.

You don’t have to protect him anymore. He’s not coming to save you. You’ve been holding out on me, and it’s actually rather impressive how long you’ve lasted. So why don’t you just put this at an end and tell me what I want to know... Did Ark get a nose job?!

This week we welcome back our mighty Prom Boyz for Season 2! After the family drama and romantic tension of psionic prom, the party decided to forgo all of that and strike out on a straight up rescue mission. Everyone’s favorite NPC, Braek, has been captured by villainous slavers, and that means Ark’s coming to the rescue! But there’s devilish happenings behind the scenes that Ark will have to uncover before he’s reunited with his Number 1 Fan! Listen in for all the crying and hugging in Episode 14 of The Kain Campaign!