Kain Campaign #13 - Psionic Prom Part II

Alright, you miscreants. As long as I’m the Dean of Discipline at Kain Psionic High, you lot of troublemakers won’t be seeing another high school dance until you’re chaperoning your own childrens’ prom. I’d stop you from even doing that, but I’m just assuming that I’ll be dead by then. It’s not morbid or anything, it’s just a tough life in the Kain Empire, you know? One day you’re chastising a group of troubled youths, and the next thing you know, you’re wrapped up in some sort of duel to the death with a psionic projection of this year’s hottest theater star, Johnny Angel. I mean, that’s just one example, obviously, but you never know.

This week our adventurers lay it all on the line in hopes of being crowned King and Queen (or King and King, or King and Trash) of Psionic Prom. They’ll laugh! They’ll love! And they might even learn a thing or two about subtly handling delicate social situations… Just kidding! They make asses of themselves. But at least they look good doing it! All this and more in Episode 13 of The Kain Campaign!