Kain Campaign #12 - Psionic Prom Part I

No no! Now it’s uneven again! Raise the left side a little… There, perfect! This banner looks totally sweet, and “Third Eyes Wide Shut,” is such a killer prom theme! I like, can’t even stand how excited I am for this year’s psionic prom. It’s going to make last year’s prom look as bad as Becky Frostbane looked at last year’s prom. Oh sorry, Becky, I forgot I was talking to you. But this prom is going to be off the hook, is what I’m saying!

I think my favorite part is the big Psi-Ball game. Terren promised me he’d score a point for me! Isn’t that romantic? I mean, he’s obviously going to win! He’s like the best battlemind in school. His mind and body are like totally one! Like, they’re like even less than one. His mind and body are like half! Those nerdy psion kids don’t even stand a chance. The only thing I’m worried about is that Terren is like super scared of spiders. Especially big white, flame-resistant spiders. And trashbags for some reason. Thankfully he won’t have to face any of those things on the field!

This week our adventurers get a makeover so they don’t look like such shit! But seriously, we play dress up and then get messed up at the poshest school-sponsored event of the season: Psionic Prom! Join our heroes for all the non-life-threatening drama as they navigate the deep, dark delves of high school social politics. But which pairing will win the coveted title of Prom Royalty? Find out in Episode 12 of The Kain Campaign!