Kain Campaign #11 - All That Glitters… Can Be Used As A Weapon!

Who’s a pretty little gold piece? You are! Yes you are! I love you and all your brother and sister gold pieces too! Even your cousins shaped into magical swords and beautiful chalices - you’re all precious to me! You are my glimmering children, and I will protect you forever and ever in my soon-to-be underwater hoard, where nobody will ever disturb us.

You’re so much prettier and more well behaved than those stinking, idiot goblins. And I never have to worry about you betraying me! That couldn’t possibly happen in a million years. I mean, ha!, you’re just inanimate pieces of metal and gems. I suppose in theory a heroic, clever, and extremely handsome adventurer could combine his blood with you inside my magical Our-Glass to give form and purpose to your mass, ultimately using you against me in an epic struggle to the death...

But what are the odds of that happening?!

Our Dra-Goblin slaying quest literally reaches its zenith this week as our adventurers continue their fiery combat with Gary the Good and Barry the Best. Can our heroes remain unexploded long enough to stop Gary and his somewhat small-potatoes plan to destroy the village of Undercurrent? Will Arkmenos finally use his bats to accomplish a simple task? Will Barry and Dap continue their whirlwind romance even after one of them dies brutally? Alright, I’ll tell you that the last one doesn’t happen. But those first two might! So listen in to Episode 11 of The Kain Campaign!

Our art this week is another awesome drawing by Joseph Garcia! And as always, check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!