Kain Campaign #10 - Beauty Is In The Mouth Of The Beholder!

Oh Gary, you made me hairy! To keep me warm while I guard your icy lair!

Oh Gary, you made me wary! To better guard your spiral stair!

Oh Gary, you made me scary! So no one would want to be my friend!

Oh Gary… I can’t eat dairy! Or else I burp out of all five ends…

Well, my song about Gary sure is coming along! I wonder when he’ll let me sing it for him. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him! The goblins that lugged those fishy smelling barrels into the basement probably got to see him… I wonder why Gary would allow them to hang out with his majestic self while I’m just floating in this spiral staircase. I know that I’ve got to protect this hatch to his beloved hoard at all costs, but I can only write bawdy accounts of Gary and my future exploits for so long. I’m running out of ice wall! Wait, I think I hear a party of adventurers coming down the spiral staircase! Maybe Gary sent them to be my friends!

This week our heroes find themselves face to face and mouth to mouths with one of Gary’s strangest (and friendliest) creations! Will they immediately kill this lovingly-crafted NPC like they have with almost every other creation of David’s? I’m not bitter. Shut up! Listen in and find out on Episode 10 of The Kain Campaign!

And a shoutout to Joseph Garcia, who drew the above awesome picture of Gerold, who you will have the pleasure of meeting this episode! Check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!