DMN #2 - A Very Sensual DMN

I have often pondered the tenuous nature of life. The frailty existent in all of us, and the courage it takes to accept death unabashed. There are cultures who revere death, and cultures who fear death, but death is present in all of them. It is present in everything. The period at the end of every sentence.

Some have brought such a termination upon another. Yet none know what it is to be the reaper whose every instant is an ending. How then, does Death view life?

Or death?

But seriously, folks, it’s hard out there. And far be it from me to go about making it harder. Near death experiences bring out a lot of emotions, and in an effort to deal with those, I’ve taken it upon myself to make amends for trying to kill the whole party… DMN presents to you:

Some Sensual Master Nation