See You In Hell! - A Farewell to Arkmenos!

SPOILER ALERT: If you've listened to Episode 14 of The Kain Campaign, then you've heard the news. Ark has left to pursue his career in showbiz. And he took all the gold and the only NPC that wasn't universally hated with him...

And so, to commemorate our love for Ark, Austin, and character art, we present our going away present to Austin! See you in hell, buddy. See you in hell.

Listen Up! Kain Campaign Theme (Full Version)


You asked and we answered! Well, at least one of you asked, but we're answering all of you since direct-to-listener customized podcasting is only possible through the use of ancient and terrible magic known only to necromancers named Jasper. But I digress...

Our very own Sean has lovingly crafted this tune for our campaign, whilst Patrick and David gave helpful direction by shouting words at him such as "More intense!" and "Dungeon-ier!" It was a group effort.

Without further ado, we present to you the Kain Campaign Theme!