Bad Jax: Interstellar Furiosa

Dear god-diary,

Sometimes it feels like an eternity that I’ve been cramped up in this pocket dimension I created for myself. I suppose it is technically an eternity, but I’ve never been one to get hung up on semantics, and that’s an argument for a different journal entry, so let’s get down to crass facts. Diary, I’ve come to you today (or whatever constitutes a day here in my timeless void) to confide a secret.

I’m hecka bored, diary!

There’s nothing to do in here. I thought this safe haven away from the destructive arcane forces that infected my siblings would be party central. You know, everybody just thankful to be safe, chilling out and downing a few ambrosias. But damned if I’m the only one in here! Apart from these husks of my former angels. But they were never much good company anyway. That’s why I betrayed so many of them… You know, I may be bored here, but at least in this bunker of solitude, I know I won’t ever have to showdown with one of my fallen angels hell-bent on revenge. Never.

This week Patrick’s high-octane thrill ride takes a turn for the celestial as The Cap’n and Rulcet the Dulcet find themselves visitors in the halls of the King of Death. Jax has some curious notions about how a guest should behave, though, as she leads our heroes on a quest to kill Death in order to find the god that betrayed her. Listen in for all the planes-hopping fun in Bad Jax: Interstellar Furiosa!