Bad Jax: Jury Road Episode 1

Welcome, sports lovers, to the 487th Annual Grease Bowl! The true test of a feetbowl player. Two teams facing off in the grease to prove who’s the ultimate athlete. After the disgrace last year of Krunk the Half-Giant’s corked-spear scandal during the third half, we’re all ready for a good, clean game this year. Granted, there’s only so clean that a feetbowl game can be kept considering all the blood… But that’s all part of the excitement of the game!

This week Dan and David find themselves in Patrick’s mad envisioning of the Dark Sun world. A world full of vehicular homicide and a poor understanding of sports. But that won’t stop sports star, The Cap’n, and his hype bard, Rulcet the Dulcet, from helping a mysterious stranger on her holy quest to kill the last god. All that and knife wielding octopi in Bad Jax: Jury Road!